Mechanisms for attracting citizen participation of 19th Tehran region in the development of green space in Velayat Park

Farhad Lashgarara J. Bio. Env. Sci. 5(2), 157-162.


One of the criteria for assessing the environmental quality of the city is public green space. This study aims to identify ways to engage citizens in Region 19 of Tehran in development of green space park. The research involving all citizens in district 1 and 19 of Tehran is the total of 84,242 persons, which 384 persons were selected with Morgan table and simple random sampling method. The tool of the research is questionnaire that is completed by interview. The results implied that from the citizen point of views holding all kinds of workshop in Velayat part, informing citizen about the consequences of damage to green space, holding happy ceremonies, teacher music and races in the park, emphasizing on participation value, encouraging local councils for participation in activities related to green space, combination of public and expert views and educating the participation to children from the low education level explained 77.2 percent of variance the development of Velayat park green space.