Participatory budgeting in Poland

Dorota Bednarska-Olejniczak, Jarosław Olejniczak Wroclaw University of Economics 


This article is an attempt to present and analyse the changes in the scale and scope of the significance of participatory budgets introduced in the years 2014-2016 in most Polish cities with district rights (MNP), as well as to determine the importance of activities in the field of marketing communication for the effective implementation of the objectives related to its functioning. The analysis carried out in the article concerning PB development in MNP clearly indicates the rise of interest of this form of citizens’ participation in deciding about MNP expenses. Simultaneously, differences in scale and range of implemented PB among examined groups might be visible. As an example, the city of Wrocław shows that an adequate marketing communication of the city as well as local project leaders with inhabitants is a fundamental factor influencing forming an active participation among inhabitants.