Handbook from the Innovation in Democracy Programme

On 30th June 2020, the Democratic Society launched its hanbook on how to run a citizens' assembly


This report on how to run a citizens' assembly, by the Democratic Society, is aimed primarily at local authority officers or councillors who want to run a citizens' assembly in their local area. It was developed as part of our work on the Innovation in Democracy Programme.



As stated in its official site, the main insights from this report are drawn from three different sources:

  • Democratic Society's reflections on the three IiDP citizens' assemblies and other assemblies that have recently taken place at a local level
  • The ideas that have emerged from the various peer-learning events that we ran as part of IiDP
  • Guidance written by practitioners from around the world.



Please find below:

- The full document of the Handbook

- A reduced revsion (only case studies)

- The Innovation in Democracy Programme Evaluation report

- More information