Online course How to start a climate assembly

Course organized by People Powered in partnership with IOPD and other organizations.


Citizens' climate assemblies or panels are one of the latest innovations in using public participation to address climate change.

Local and national climate assemblies provide a space for community members to learn how climate change impacts their community or country, and then develop and propose concrete actions for the government to take. National governments have organized climate assemblies in France, the United Kingdom, and Scotland. At the local level, cities like Warsaw and Wroclaw, Poland and Camden, England have held climate assemblies and panels.

For this course, People Powered has developed and compiled the resources to help you to start a Climate Assembly. You will find an online course, where experts from local governments and organizations around the world share best practices and review lessons learned. We also prepared a short and accessible info sheet, that provides actionable recommendations on how to successfully advocate for and start a Climate Assembly. Additionally, we offer a free mentorship program where experts will help you to address challenges you can come across while you are advocating for and starting a Climate Assembly.

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