The IOPD co-organizes the UCLG Future Envisioning Exercise: Regaining Trust

The Exercises are a space of dialogue and co-creation in which the UCLG political leadership, organized civil society and partners will build bridges to unfold the Pact for the Future.


UCLG's Future Envisioning Exercises, which serve as a means to unfold the Pact for the Future, have been initiated by the UCLG Policy Councils. They are a space of dialogue and co-creation in which the UCLG political leadership, together with organized civil society and partners articulated in the UCLG Town Halls will build bridges to unfold the Pact.

The third Future Envisioning Exercise explored and discussed how the notions and implementation of "Regaining Trust" will contribute to how the Pact for the Future supports the revision of the 2030 Agenda by the UN General Assembly, in the framework of the SDG Summit and the 2024 Summit of the Future, which will align with and support the Secretary-General's "Our Common Agenda". 

This third Exercise was co-organized on May 10 by the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy. Our coordinator Adrià Duarte opened the invitation to explore the importance of trust, and especially which are the challenges that trust faces and how we can regain it. In this sense, UCLG Secretary-General, Emilia Saiz, remarked that, despite the dramatic setbacks in democratization driven by growing polarization, racism, ageism and sexism, these dialogues support us identifying concrete actions and commitments to regain trust and repair the democratic fabrics.

The session was structured into several segments. It began with a virtual interactive consultation, seeking to identify the main threats that currently exist to building trust and the critical points needed to analyze to understand the general mistrust. Followed by contributions on the subject, highlighting experiences, innovations and possible applications at the territorial level from UCLG policy councilors, representatives of the UCLG Town Halls and stakeholders. The in-focus segment allowed for partner organizations to provide their perspectives. Finally, the agora allowed for an open floor among participants.

You can read more about the FEE: Regaining Trust in the UCLG Press Release