Apply to be the first IOPD woman Co-Chair to champion for gender equality in our network!

Apply before November 3 by expressing your interest to 


In view of our IOPD Assembly 2023, which will take place on November 8 during our Conference in Rio de Janeiro, we encourage you to apply to be the first IOPD woman Co-President!

Who can apply as IOPD Co-President? All women mayors, deputy mayors, councilors or any elected office of a local or regional government. 

What does being IOPD Co-President entail? The IOPD Co-President will lead our line of work on gender equality in local participatory and deliberative democracy, for which she will be able to propose activities, suggest thematic areas and outline work actions. In addition, she will act as a representative of our network in our different activities, as well as in our communications and contents.

How long does the position of IOPD Co-Chair last? Two years, with the possibility of renewal.

How to apply to become the IOPD Co-Chair? Send an email to the IOPD Technical Secretariat at expressing your interest before November 3, 2023


You can lead the push for gender equality within our network and in local participatory democracy globally!


If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us at