Rennes wins the 17th IOPD Award

An experience promoting a European Citizens' Initiative in favor of a decent welcome of migrants has been rewarded


In this year's edition, we set a new record with 149 submissions, which were evaluated by a jury of experts and by an open voting of the 40 finalists nominations. 

The jury decided to grant the 17th IOPD Award "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" to the European Citizens' Initiative: "Let's ask Europe to give migrants a decent welcome," from the Ville de Rennes and Rennes Métropole. The experience is highly recognised for the articulation of the local with the (supra)national, for addressing a critical issue as the reception of migrants and for seeking the mobilization of the communities, especially the youth.

The announcement of the results and the delivery of the awards took place at the Awards Ceremony during the 22nd IOPD Conference in the city of Rio de Janeiro on 7 November 2023.

Some special mentions were also given to five other experiences that were highly valued by the jury:

  • Special Mention in the Citizenship category: Titiribí: "Weaving Citizenship: Training and Social Support for Democracy, Participation, and Reconciliation."

  • Special Mention in the Deliberation category: Fortaleza "Integrated Land Regularization Planning in Special Areas of Social Interest." 

  • Special Mention in the Decision category: Rosario: "Participatory Budget 2023-2024: Citizen Laboratories as Innovation Devices in Public Policy Management." 

  • Special Jury Mention for a Valuable Experience in a Human Rights Violation Context: City of Goma: "University Citizen Program of the Democratic Republic of Congo." 

  • Special Mention for the Experience Most Supported by the IOPD Community: City of Lipa: "Launch of the 'Trash to Cash' Programme." This experience received the highest number of votes during the open evaluation through the ParticipateOIDP platform.

IOPD thanks all the participants of this 17th edition of the Award and invites you to read and discover all these inspiring experiences to advance towards a stronger participatory democracy!