8th IOPD Distinction


In this 8th Edition of the IOPD Distinction for Best Practices in Citizens’ Participation, 27 local governments have presented their candidacy. With a significant increase of applications compared to previous editions, there have been nominations from eleven countries of the five continents: Australia, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Spain (including Catalonia), Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Senegal.
The International Jury has decided to award the Distinction to the experience presented by the Chinese city of Chengdu “Participatory Budgeting, Rural Public Services”. And there are granted with a Special Mention Mexico City for the experience of the “Contraloría General”, the District Municipality of Huachis (Peru) and the municipal councils of Penang (Malaysia).
The material that we present is a synthesis of each of the different candidacies presented. The complete files of nominations will be published on the case of studies IOPD website space.
We would like to pass on our special thanks to all of those local governments that made the time and effort to present a candidacy, along with all of the institutions that have helped us to spread this initiative and those of the network’s collaborating members that, as the Jury, took part in evaluating all of the different experiences presented.