Thematic Budget Implementation Guidelines


This is a guide with detailed guidance on how to implement the Thematic Budget and it is based on the experience of the pilot project carried out with Cew-it Uganda and Movisie NL, and also with other partners involved in the project, namely, the Our Brasilia Movement and LSA Bewoners. The project started with a workshop that took place in Bras√≠lia, Brazil, in May 2015, when partners had the opportunity to know the tool and plan the implementation of budget monitoring in their countries, considering political differences and cultural diversity, but also similarities in terms of inequalities. 

This kind of intersection is the key of E-motive, a worldwide network for innovative social solutions, another initiative of Oxfam Novib. This publication is bilingual (Portuguese and English) and intended for use by social movements and organizations interested in using public budget monitoring as a social participation and advocacy tool in different situations, but also by teachers, students and other parties interested in promoting more transparent societies and governments.