Contributions of Participatory Budgeting to climate change adaptation and mitigation

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The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) is a space open to all cities in the world and all associations, organizations and research centers interested in learning about, exchanging impressions and applying experiences of participatory democracy on a local scale with the aim of deepening the roots of democracy in municipal government.

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Reactions of Local and Regional Governments to UN75 Report

 The report was drafted by the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments (LRGs) on behalf of the constituency,

The IOPD co-organised an international gathering on participatory democracy

The event brought together officials from Barcelona, Córdoba, Madrid and Montreal and served to announce the results

The Participatory Budget of Lisbon received the Best Practices of Participation Award 2019.

Promoted by the Network of Participating Autarchies, this award aims to enhance the innovative practices of participatory


Democratising Smart Cities? Penta-Helix Multistakeholder Social Innovation Framework


Multi-layered participatory budgeting.

The case of low-income neighbourhoods in Paris. By Estela

Practical guides for citizen participation in Barcelona

They are easy and enlightening consultation materials on the regulations and the participation channels available to


2020-10-27 / 2020-10-28
South Africa

Promoting the commitment of Local and Regional Governments and of Citizens for the City we need in Africa, in Times of Covid-19 and Beyond

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2020-10-31 / 2020-10-31

World Cities Day - Urban October

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2020-11-11 / 2020-11-13

UCLG World Council

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