The Participatory Budget of Lisbon received the Best Practices of Participation Award 2019.

Promoted by the Network of Participating Autarchies, this award aims to enhance the innovative practices of participatory democracy in Portugal.



Lisbon was the first European Capital to implement the Participatory Budget, a world reference program with 12 years of existence and with a relevant impact on the development of the City. It is one of the forms of citizen participation in the governance of Lisbon.

Through PB (OP), citizens have effective decision-making power over a portion of the Lisbon Municipal Budget: citizens submit proposals for the city, and citizens vote on the projects they want to see included in the CML Activities and Budget Plan for the following year.

The award Lisbon was awarded been granted aims to recognize and value the autonomous practices of participatory democracy; encourage the development of these practices and their continuous improvement; encourage participatory initiatives that promote spaces of power sharing between the Public Administration and citizens and build a history of good practices of participatory democracy in the country.

This participatory process that has given citizens a voice for more than a decade is now recognized for the way it has promoted the active participation of all, in the construction of an increasingly better, more participatory and inclusive Lisbon.

All the participants are to be congratulated, the Participation Team, the various municipal and parish councilors, the partner entities, but above all, the proponents and all the citizens who have actively participated in this process, either through the presentation of proposals, in the participatory sessions, or simply voting for the projects they consider most important for Lisbon.

Watch the presentation session here:


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